Devops Transformation

We are equipped with experience and skills. We help organization of any scale in transformation from outdated, Tardy, non- continuous delivery methodologies …

We are equipped with experience and skills

We help organization of any scale in transformation from outdated, Tardy, non- continuous delivery methodologies to Latest, cloud native, efficient, agile and continuous delivery methods leveraging latest tools, techniques and technologies.

Team who has setup the whole Devops structure for the regions biggest Tech Start “ Careem” and succusfully executed its Technology operations.

We specialize in DevOps, DevSecOps, Latest development technologies, Cloud Services (Public and Private) and manage services. Our areas of expertise include Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), CICD , Google Cloud , IBM Private Cloud and  Devops toolchaining.

Cloud Architecture Adoption Strategy and Consultancy

Our Devops service offerings are platform agnostic and equally effective and applicable to all technology platform however our team is well equipped and experience using major technology partner, cloud platform ,tools and domains. Which help us customize our services delivery accordingly.

We have been providing our services from startups to big enterprise both locally and globally, Our analysis-driven approach to solving problems, combined with our commitment to deadlines and budgets—results in successful projects and long-term relationships.

AWS Partner

Tformations is AWS partner , The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global partner program for technology and consulting businesses who leverage Amazon Web Services to build solutions and services for customers. The APN helps companies build, market, and sell their AWS offerings by providing valuable business, technical, and marketing support.The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global partner program for technology and consulting businesses who leverage Amazon Web Services to build solutions and services for customers. The APN helps companies build, market, and sell their AWS offerings by providing valuable business, technical, and marketing support.


DevOps for Enterprises

DevOps in enterprise organisations is a wide a spread and not easily accepted proposition. They often tend to have many people to bring about the real essence of the technology with them on the journey, significant incumbent technology, long-established working practices and approaches and a high value of business processes flowing through their entire architectures. We strive to enable enterprises with the tools to make the processes swift whilst retaining a regressive, conventional approach to IT critical systems and availabilities.

Overhauling team(s) and product structures
Making processes leaner and essentially more efficient
Adopting technical approaches for fastest delivery such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment
Adopting automation in scaling infrastructure and applications across the cloud platform(s)

Tformations solve your toughest challenges through DevOps Transformation

Devops Evangelism

“We provide DevOps Evangelism our users will love”

DevOps Foundation, Transformation Training workshops

Handson Labs

DevOps POC implementations

Case Study-from relevant industry

How it works

This program is designed to provide the basic education / awareness needed to transforms an individual or organization to DevOps culture and to understand its principles, techniques, practices and approach. Improved workflows will result in an improved ability to design, develop, deploy and operate software and services faster.

Evolving DevOps Processes

Aligning "Business + Dev + Ops"

Our orchestrated yet proven DevOps practices enables our customers to transform how solutions are designed, coded, build and eventually deployed across cloud infrastructure services effectively. We address this by following a unique discovery based adaptive methodology for implementation catering each use case.

Hassle free mechanisms for release management cycle

Faster yet smoother deployment and code pipeline(s)

Introducing overall automated mechanisms using tools and custom practices wherever needed

Scalability, flexibility, elasticity and cost effectiveness for overall architecture

How it works

We achieve this by leveraging our stand out skills/ expertise acquired over time while dealing with various complex DevOps scenarios. Also, we consider identifying the correct set of tools for particular tasks is equally imperative.

Stage 0 Build the foundation- agile
Stage 1 Normalize the tech stack
Stage 2 Standardize and reduce variability
Stage 3 expand devops practices- culture
Stage 4 automation infrastructure and delivery
Stage 5 self services

Devops –Delivery Pipeline

“We provide Devops –Delivery Pipeline service our users will love”

Release Management Process

Version controlling tool chain Git hub etc.

Code review mechanism

Static code analysis using Sonar cube

Configure a Continuous Integration Run(CI) using CI tools

Build & Unit testing

Artifactory management

Infrastructure provisioning

Automated deployment

Support and Monitoring

How it works

Continuous planning + CI + Continuous Development/Testing + Continuous Deployment+ Monitoring /Ops.

DevOps Advancement Services

“We provide DevOps Advancement Services our users will love”

We compassionately work with customers to help them chalk out a plan on how they will make use of Cloud native technologies and cloud services. This includes reviewing the architecture, technical and governance issues (which is also referred to as a cloud operating model) as well as guiding the tools selection.

Micro- Service Architecture

Architectural Improvement from Scalability Perspective

Fail Over Environment (DR)

Kubernetes Adoption


ToolChain Directives

Dockerization (Containers)

How it works

Identify Objective:
Assessment of Use Case:
Make Decision of …..
Validate the Solution
First Test Drive:
Roll out

Testing Strategy and Automation Framework

“We provide Testing Strategy and Automation Framework service our users will love”

QA , Pre Prod Env provisioning

Performance Testing Suite.

Regression Test Suite for Web Portal and Mobile application.

End to End Testing Suite.

Security Testing Suites.

Testing Automation.

Testing and QA Outsourcing

Testing Strategy in a Microservice Architecture by Martin Fowler

Api Validation suite

ATM and network simulation Services (for payment Application)

-Abberiva partner (Sales & support)

How it works

DevSecOps and Pen Testing Services

“We provide DevSecOps and Pen Testing Services our users will love”

Turning DevOps into DevSecOps

Seamless Integration with Security

Enable security to move at the speed of digital business

Interactive Application Security Test ( utilize AST Tools) in Development

Runtime Application Self-Protection Testing in Production

Application Security Testing OWAS top 10

Scan All Developer Constructs for Vulnerabilities and Proper Configuration

Infrastructure Security Audit and Compliance (AWS Trusted Advisor, ISO 27001, Etc)

VMs, AMIs, containers are all styles of “containers”

Hardening Workshop

Scan for known vulnerable software and proper configuration:

-Operating Systems

-Application platform

-OSS and commercial off-the-shelf software

How it works

Tformations has expertise in application & infrastructure (Cloud/On Prem) and security audit. We’ll Perform 360 degree security evaluation through penetration testing , audit, discovery sessions and provide recommendation and action plan to ensure End to End Security of Application, Software Development lifecycle infrastructure and Network.

Design and Discovery
Execution and Reports/Findings
Implementation support
Re Audit & Validate

Cloud Architecture Adoption Strategy

“We provide Cloud Architecture Adoption Strategy Services our users will love”

Our Cloud Architects, are all the time tempting to help customers with a solid planning for migrating your applications from on-premise or co-location infrastructure to Cloud infrastructure. This approach will make you appreciate the simple yet points based flow for migrating larger data sets and logics in the fastest way possible. This will also include optimization tweaks like ensuring fault tolerance, high availability, auto recovery, auto healing and auto scalability etc. While having a strong inclination towards the only cloud giant, Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, our services span both ways in terms of solid strategic as well as delivery to help you get on top of your business-critical needs.

Application Migration

Cloud Resource Optimization

Cloud Manage Services

Cloud- Partner Network and Support

Cloud Governance

Cost optimization & right sizing

How it works

Cloud Construction
Application deployment
Cloud Native Drive
First Test Drive
Go live
Monitoring & optimize
Application performance management

Application Performance Management, Monitoring & Support

“We provide Application Performance Management, Monitoring & Support our users will love”

APM Tools Configuration

-New Relic Partner(sales & support)

Smart Alerting Tools

Dashboard and Monitoring

Escalation Tools

24 7 Support SLA

Infrastructure level support

Server level support

Security support

Add-ons / plugins support

Application level support

How it works

This service enables customers to sit back and relax while our diligent cloud soldiers take on the management, monitoring and support of overall cloud infrastructure both from architecture and application perspective as a first/second line of defence. We achieve this by making sure 24/7 technical human eye(s) going through the system thresholds, engaging beforehand the relevant stake holders for any anticipated suspicious performance hits and etc