Application Transformation

Your legacy apps need migration to a new normal

Tformations to modern more scalable and sustainable architecture isn’t easy for any enterprise, irrespective of their size. We’ll lay out a roadmap that best fits the need of the organizational context. The roadmap will provide a transparent transformation strategy that everyone in the organization understands and supports.

application transformation

Speed, resiliency and savings, isn’t just a dream anymore. It’s a reality which organizations are realizing every passing day. Are you still waiting?

Tformations has experience of working with large enterprise to help them develop modernization strategy using their experience with multitude of small and large clients. We’ll identify your most critical value streams and applications in those value streams to transform first and follow that transformation as a blueprint to transform the entire roadmap.

Faster and sustainable modernization of complex legacy systems

Reduce time to market through automation for quicker release cycles

Built in security features to reduce or even eliminate application security concerns

Reduce cost with no or limited licensing cost to help use IT budget where it is needed most.

How we see it happen

Identify critical value stream

It is critical for an organization to know what matters most to them. Guide the efforts where it is going to make a difference.

Identify critical systems supporting value stream

Review systems supporting the value stream; there could be multiple small or large systems supporting one value stream, one matter more then the others.

Choose a system to modernize first, start small

Big bang historically hasn’t been a great success, carefully choose what to modernize first.

Break it down, apply modern architectures and principal

Break down the application into smaller pieces, apply modern concepts in all areas; design, development, security, deployment. Apply system thinking to achieve best results.

Automate everything, develop, security, deployment and release!

Automation is the key to sustain the transformation In long run. Automate everything and so you can focus on your core mission.